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Welcome to the 2017 Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA) Season

Opening Weekend was a huge success!  Thank you to all that participated! Check out this awesome article on Syracuse.com


 The Upstate Lacrosse Association’s (ULA) primary focus is on the instructional and developmental aspects of the game of lacrosse.  The ULA serves Central New York boys and girls from the third grade through the eleventh grade.  There is also a K-2 division in the ULA however, this program operates independently from the larger association.

 The ULA was established in June, 1994, under the name Brine Upstate Youth Lacrosse League (B.U.Y.L.L.).  The following year the name was modified to just the B.U.L.L.  In 2009, the name was changed to Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA).

 The goal of the ULA is to be a recreational youth lacrosse program designed to help players at all levels further develop their lacrosse skills and abilities.  The ULA also focuses on the importance of learning other life skills such as: responsibility, sportsmanship, and being a part of a team.  This approach is most clearly exemplified by the ULA’s commitment to adjust the rules of the game to best meet the players skill development and further develop their understanding of the great game of lacrosse.  


 The Upstate Lacrosse Association (ULA), by teaching the fundamentals and foundations of lacrosse, strives to provide the youth players of Central New York with a healthy, positive, and safe learning environment in which the game of lacrosse will be taught, played, and enjoyed while instilling good sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, charity, and integrity.

Upstate Lacrosse Association Administrators- 2017

 Noel Ebner- President and Treasurer

Kevin King- Program Administrator

Boys Conference Leaders- Walt Eccles and Joe Mueller

Girls Conference Leaders- Chris Guild and Meghan Thomas

Games Administrator- Derrick Eccles

Website Administrator- Derrick Eccles

Boys Officials Assignor- Ed Powers

Girls Officials Assignor- Charlie Aumiller

Get Involved

    If you are interested in assisting the Upstate Lacrosse Association in achieving their goals, either by volunteering your time or with financial support, we'd like to hear from you!

    ULA Camp Scholarship Program

    If you have a player who is interested in applying for a Lacrosse Camp Scholarship, please have them write an essay detailing how detailing how their participation in the ULA has helped them both on and off the playing field.  Please make sure that the submission contains a name, address and phone number.  It is also suggested that the name of the camp they wish to attend is included.